What is NLP?

You may want to learn NLP to..

· be able to perform at your best, even in challenging circumstances
· enhance your business or personal relationships
· take your business or career to another level
· develop resilience & peace of mind while engaging fully with this beautiful, chaotic, every-changing world!
· enhance your personal wellbeing or sports performance
· communicate with others in ways that are ethical and influential
· explore significant changes in your career or personal life
· develop expertise as a leader, coach, or manager, supporting others to create outstanding results themselves
· create a working life that achieves your material needs and aligns with your personal value While the applications of NLP are infinite, the underlying principles are finite, and fun to learn.

At its heart NLP is ‘The study of what works’, and just like learning to ride a bike it is most easily learned, with real people, in real-time, alongside experienced teachers and coaches.

First developed in the 1970s, to ‘model excellence’, NLP is a way of discovering strategies for success, by finding the differences that make the difference, in achieving the results you want.

Can NLP help you achieve what you want? Choosing you trainer is key. NLP can be taught as an intellectual exercise, and while useful this is not true NLP. True NLP is experiential, allowing you to tap into all your resources, supporting you in achieve what you want.

Check out feedback from some of those who have already work with us to learn more about their experience of discovering NLP.

To dip a toe in the water you could begin with the book NLP at Work, or our NLP Clean Questions game. Alternatively, join us for one of our taster evenings, or our 2-day introductory programme. If you are exploring practitioner training you can find details here.


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