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For many years I facilitated NLP and Clean Language training & coaching programmes, and trained in many other approaches to personal & professional development myself, including Non-violent Communication, and Symbolic Modelling.

A few years ago I came across a new approach. At first it seemed similar to others but as I deepened my understanding I unexpectedly found my own life transforming in unexpectedly positive ways.

I found myself more:

  • at ease with myself and others
  • present in the moment much more often
  • able to let go of everyday stresses and strains
  • confident and peaceful as a default
  • able to take action and minimise procrastination

What’s more, I found my clients having their own breakthroughs with much greater ease than had previously seemed possible.


Next Steps...

I am delighted to now be sharing the understanding I have gained with others. If you would like to find out more about this transformational approach to training, coaching and personal & professional development, come along for an informal supper or city walk or join us for one of our two-day transformational retreats.

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