I’ve been asked over the 21 days to write ‘below the surface’
To share aspects of myself I might normally keep hidden
To bare my soul a little

I’ve been exploring love I think, in different ways
Navigating the romantic love of loving someone
who doesn’t love me

More gently, the love that the emerges from a quiet mind
Between a parent, child, an aunt, and my amazing sister
Where to find love when all I want is to harden my heart
And the relief when I”m able to soften again

I found my own courage and cowardice in my writing
My desire to hide and protect myself and to share my vulnerability
I’ve had days of confidence and days of insecurity
Days when words flowed and days of moshing around in a swamp

I’ve felt safe with and grateful for your words
And I hope there has been something in mine for you
My intention has been to share what love I could find
With hope, healing and maybe a bit of humour

So now the 21 days are done
All I can really think to say is
Okay, let’s go…!

You can find me at lesley@lesleymcdonald.co.uk