I sat down the other day to write and what arrived was, well tumbleweed. Sometimes words emerge like a clear fresh spring and at other times it’s more like trying to wrestle bricks from clear air. Unlikely to happen but when desperate still apparently worth a try!

I wrestled, wrote, and wrestled some more, and what finally did come out, I wouldn’t have shared with my cat. Not even withstanding my cat has been dead for two years.

From working with clients I know it happens with any creative process. There are days when we’re inspired and it’s as if we can do no wrong, and there are the other times when it’s mud and bullets from beginning to end.

When nothing comes, when no amount of forcing, cajoling, nudging or pure bloody mindedness makes a difference it helps to believe, to have faith that the mud juggling will pass.

Turning up and doing the next thing might sometimes be the only way. I don’t know. I’ve heard it’s best to just keep going and maybe it’s true. When I wrote for 20 days, I just kept writing.

Maybe sitting down the other day oiled the wheels for words to flow today but I can’t help thinking it might have been better to go for a walk, visit friends, do something I fancied; read, drink wine, go see a film, anything other than try to force another word onto the page.

I remember someone suggesting that at those times, the thing to do is to slow down, when you’ve really given what your got and everything just continues to turn to shit, then it’s time to take a break, to do something else, preferably something fun.

To give up, for a minute, a month, a lifetime, and give inspiration time to find you, rather than to chase it more deeply into the ground. To have faith the void will give way to creation, maybe even when you least expect it, and then when you’re a little more open, a new thought, idea or action has the chance to appear.

If for you today is an inspired day, enjoy! In fact, what the hell are you doing here? Go create! If on the other hand it’s more of a a mud, bullets and brick wrestling day, if you can, ‘slow down’ for a moment, sit, walk, or go for a run, play a mindless game for a few minutes, get a coffee with a pal. Anything that might help you switch off and reset you brain.

Even neuroscientists agree (so it must be true 🙂 that when we take our mind off something that we have been whittling at, that’s when we are more likely to get new, maybe even inspired, ideas. It’s most often when a solution can just pop into our minds… and that is a perfect time to take action!

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