Where the Magic Happens

When I sit down to write a blog I don’t always know what I’m going to say. Sometimes I do have an idea or story that I’m excited about sharing but at other times I look at the screen and think… well, nothing much at all! And that can be a bit off-putting but it doesn’t have to be, as really it’s just a part of the creative process. It might not be comfortable but it is something most of us have experienced, at one time or another.

And in case it’s not obvious, today is one of those screen-gazing days, for me! And as I look at the screen and consider the creative process, for some reason, a thought of the Forth rail bridge near Edinburgh comes to mind. The idea that there was a time when this massive iconic structure didn’t exist, not even as a thought, is mind blowing but then again that’s true of everything we create.

The Bridge

I don’t know who came up with the idea for the bridge but I’ve just discovered that authority for building it was first given in 1873, with construction starting in 1878. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, construction was stopped just a year later after the collapse of another bridge built by the same designer. In 1882 new engineers were appointed, and design and construction began again, with the bridge finally opening in 1890.

If it had really been essential to know what the final bridge would be like, or how construction would go before getting started, then it could never have been built. Thankfully it was finished, without having to know these things from the start, and over two centuries later, this engineering marvel still carries trains across its almost 2.5Km span every single day.

Inbuilt Creativity

Of course, we expect such massive engineering projects to come with problems that require creative solutions. Yet in our own lives, and in our own unique ways, we all come up with solutions to problems, and find ways to take important goals forward. From creative solutions to problems at work, to everyday tasks such as making meals for our ourselves and our families, even to writing words for a blog, much of what we do is a creative process.

And regardless of how big or small our projects may be, something I’ve noticed that can get in the way, is wanting all the answers before getting starting. We all have things we’d like to create but we might not always know quite how to get there, luckily this is exactly what our inbuilt creativity is designed for. We can often surprise ourselves in situations where we have to rely on it. This is not always the most comfortable place (though it can be exciting) yet it is often where the magic happens!

New Ideas

So, if there is something you have been feeling stuck about or putting off, what simply comes to mind as a possible way forward? It might even be something easy that could move things along, just a bit.

For me today, it was sitting in front of the screen and keyboard until words and ideas began to emerge, and then to flow. What might it be for you?