Extraordinary organisations share certain characteristics:

Clarity of purpose | Clear communication

Commitment to individual, team and business goals

During our in-house programmes, groups and teams enhance these characteristics together. Our in-house consultancy programmes are tailored to the needs of the organisation and the individuals. To find out if our services can help your team discover their extraordinary, contact us to find out more.

What Clients Say:


“We had a great product, enthusiastic supporters who raved about our work, and yet we hadn’t won any major funding for a very long time and things were difficult. We initially engaged in the team alignment process with a degree of cynicism and little hope. Then things began to change, we were able to speak more openly and we identified a shared vision and purpose that seemed so obvious when we got it!

Within a week we had won our first major funding in a long time, and we haven’t looked back since.”


Suppers & Walks

Come and connect over a lovely supper or walk. These are informal get togethers where we relax, connect with others interested in inner wellbeing and fulfilling potential.

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