Transformational Change

Two Day Retreat

Two Day Retreat

17th & 18th May 2020

This is a very special weekend retreat with Lesley McDonald & Vicky Gumley. A relaxing, restorative weekend, which will be gentle yet powerful. Allowing you up to return home with a greater sense of peace, confidence, and innate wellbeing.

NLP is an extrordiary approach to personal and professional development. The tools, techniques, and models it offers are truly transformational, blend this with a profound understanding of how life work and you have rocket fuel for personal and professional development.

A few years ago I found yet another approach to personal development, at first it seemed a bit old hat. It seemed to point towards much of what I already knew from NLP. Yet at the same time I saw incredible changes others were making through exploring it and so I dived in to find out more. As a result I now appreciate the value of approaches such as NLP, and Clean Language within a greater systemic understanding of how we change, transform and free ourselves to live our lives in ways that we love and that truly fulfil our potential.

As a result, my own relationships are richer, freer, more satisfying and more rewarding, I am less stressed, and have a greater sense of inner peace and confidence, even in the face of life’s inevitable challenges.

I have more patience when dealing with difficult circumstances and people, and my sense of humour seems to hold out more often and for longer in the face or realy difficulty times and challenges. I am passionate about living this adventure called life passionately, the ups the downs and everything in between! And I am equally passionate about sharing this with others.

If any of this sounds appealing then join us for our two day retreat. It will be a fun, profound, life and laughter-filled weekend offering you a greater sense of peace, confidence, and innate wellbeing as well as enhancing your ability to perform at your best.

The venue is Addiston Mains Farm, in a rural location, on the very edge of the city, and within easy access of the airpoart and the heart of the Edinburgh. It is a beautifully converted farmhouse, set around a tranquil courtyard, surrounded by open rolling farmland – a very special location offering an oasis in a busy world.

Suppers & Walks

Come and connect over a lovely supper or walk. These are informal get togethers where we relax, connect with others interested in inner wellbeing and fulfilling potential.

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