Training & Coaching - 2019

Transformational Training & Coaching

NLP Intensive with Sue Knight

This is a very special event where Sue Knight, international trainer, coach and speaker, leads an Intensive Programme which you undertake at Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainer level. What else and where else could be more special at this time of the year than training with Sue Knight in Edinburgh.

NLP Masterclass with Sue Knight

This Masterclass will truly take your NLP to the next level. Whether you are a leader, coach, trainer or consultant, studying the structure of subjective experience in this way and ‘modelling excellence’ will transform your understanding and take your own excellence to a whole new level.

Weekend Retreat - Edinburgh

This weekend retreat in Edinburgh will be a relaxing, restorative time to explore how life really works. This understanding has transformed my own life as well as those of my clients. Join us for this transformative event in Edinburgh.

5 Days to Manage Your Mind

This programme incorporates elements of the science of happiness as well as CBT and of course an in depth exploration of NLP. 

You will come away with an understanding of how to manage your mind in ways that reduce stress and allow you to perform at your best with greater internal peace and happiness.

Monthly Events

Supper Club

Join us for an evening of great food and great company, with like-minded fold interested in their own personal and professional development.

Sunday Social - City Walk

Dip a toe in the water (metaphorically!) with our Sunday Social – a city park walk followed by a cuppa and a bun!

“It was a joy and an inspiration to learn with you. Your input changed lives in front of my eyes.”


Business Manager, Edinburgh

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